The Skellefte River

The Skellefte River is exploited with several hydroelectric power stations and dams. In the forest region there are only a few rapids with good fishing at Arjeplog, Bergnäs and Slagnäs. The source tributaries in the mountains are however not exploited. I have not been fishing in this area yet, so I can only give you second hand information from friends of mine. Good fly-fishing streams are Ruonejokk, Smuolejokk and Sieldutjokk in the Vuoggatjålme area. Another good stream is Bartek between the large lakes Riebnes and Bartaure. In the area there are also many small streams and hundreds of lakes.

Species of fish
Grayling, trout and white fish are common in the rapids at Arjeplog, Bergnäs and Slagnäs. The trout can be very large in these rapids and every year samples up to 5-6 kg are caught. In the source tributaries lives trout and arctic char.

Roads and service
The rapids at Arjeplog, Bergnäs and Slagnäs are easy to get access to from nearby roads. In the village Slagnäs there is a grocery, a gas station and a camp.

The tributaries in the mountains are for fly-fisher who likes out door life. To get access to these streams you must go by boat, by helicopter or hike quite a far distance. You need a backpack with a tent and other equipment for a couple of days in the wilderness.

Along road 95 between Jäckvik and Vuoggatjålme there are several camps were you can rent a cabin, arrange a boatlift or a helicopter flight. In Jäckvik there is a small grocery and a gas station.

Fu990729-11m.jpg (21253 bytes)
Globe flowers at a small mountain stream.


P0002606m.jpg (20310 bytes)
A large caddisfly.