The Pite River

The Pite River is a large river with its source tributaries near Sulitelma mountain close to the Norwegian border, and its mouth at the Bothnia Bay. In the Arjeplog area the river   mainly consists of large lakes separated by short rapids. From the outlet of Lake Mårsomjaure down to Lake Jäkna there are a 20 km long stretch of mainly rapids. The river is known for its barren nature with flat rocks and large boulders. The forests down to Lake Tjeggelvas consists mainly of birches and further downstream of pine and spruce trees.

Miekak is a fishing camp situated high up in the mountains at the source tributaries of the Pite River. It is 40 km to the nearest road so in summer the only way to get there is by helicopter or by hiking. Miekak is famous for its fly-fishing for arctic char in the stream Pieskeströmmen.

Species of fish
Grayling, trout and white fish are common in the river and in the lakes up to the Lake Sarta. Arctic char lives in Lake Tjeggelvas and further upstream.

Tributaries are the stream Arvesjokk and the Mattaure River. Trout and grayling are the most common species in these streams.

Roads and service
The Pite River is a remote river and there is no road that follows the river all the way. There is a road to Lake Tjeggelvas and to Skuppe at Lake Måskejaure. There is also a road between Lake Vuolvojaure and Lake Jäkna but it only follows the river short stretches. It is therefore necessary to hike or use a boat to reach some of the rapids. The nearest place to buy groceries and to fill up gas is in Arjeplog. For more information about fishing in the Pite River, you can look at the homepage of Miekak fishing camp.

Fu000815-31m.jpg (29748 bytes)
Brown trout from the Pite River.


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A wading staff is necessary in these rocky rapids.