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At my fishing trips I often find litter and damaged trees. The worst places are usually campfire sites. I have started to take photographs of all litter and damages I find. I hope that these photographs will make some people consider their behaviour. Bring your litter with you! If you find any litter left in the nature, bring it with you as well.

Apmofallet, The Pite River 9 August 2000
During three days in August i was fishing in the Pite River between the lakes Skierfajaure and Måskejaure. After a 5 km hard hike I reached the impressive waterfall Apmofallet. I became very disappointed when I saw all litter that was left. I filled up my backpack with litter but unfortunately I could not bring all with me.

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Märkforsen 30 July 2000
Along the Nasa trail at the rapid Märkforsen someone has picked bark from the birches. Birch bark is useful when you light a fire. But one should only pick small lose bark pieces and not cut deep wounds like this. The trees do not die but the damage will never heal.

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Laisluspen 27 July 2000
The rapid at Laisluspen is a very popular fishing place. This year there was not so much litter here but unfortunately someone has damaged a birch close to a fire seat.
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Dellik river 28 July 2000
About 500 meters downstream the waterfall Lillfallet someone has cut down six birches and used them to construct a small bridge.
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Laisluspen 17 July 2000
Some people believe that the fire seat is a rubbish barrel. It is not fun to clean the fire seat from wet litter when you want to make your coffee. It is less than ten meters to the rubbish barrel.
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Hästskoforsen May 2000
This is litter left during the summer/autumn 1999. These people had also made a fire seat of small rocks which is not necessary since there are several excellent fire seats along the river.
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Laisluspen 1999
At a fire seat there was beer cans and aluminium foil all over the place. The aluminium foil was probably left in the fire but during the night animals had teared it in pieces and spread it out.
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Märkforsen 1999
A fishing line above aluminium foil containing rest of fish is a deadly trap for animals.
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Vjejeströmmen 1999
This photograph is taken close to the boarder of Pieljekaise national park. Litter is hidden under a bush.
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Sveggejaure 1999
A damaged birch close to the boarder of Pieljekaise national park. 
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